C.I.A. Committee Meeting

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Wednesday, May 10, 2023 - 4:45pm
North Boone Community Unit School District #200
C.I.A. Committee Meeting
North Boone District Office
6248 North Boone School Road, Poplar Grove, IL 61065
Wednesday, May 10, 2023
4:45 P.M.
I.          Call to Order
II.         Roll Call
III.        Audience to Visitors
IV.        K-4 Literacy Resource Adoption
V.         Paper Renewal
            A.  North Boone YTD 2023 Data
            B.  North Boone Renewal Proposal
VI.        Other Items for Discussion
VII.       Announcements
VIII.      Adjournment
C.I.A. Committee Members
Dr. Michael Greenlee, Superintendent
Judy Hutchinson, Board Chair
Brian Haselhorst, Board Member
Ed Mulholland, (ex-officio)
Kari Neri, Curriculum Director
Marc Eckmann, HS Principal
Nicole Difford, CES Principal
Allison Louis, MS Principal
Molly Lilja, MES Principal
Mike Winebrenner, Instructional Coach
Dawn Seipts, Teacher
Melissa Nachampassack, Teacher Assistant
Kelly Hanaman, Teacher/President of NBEA
Jamie Cunningham, Secretary of NBESS
Liz Saveley, Teacher
Elaine Ahrens, Teacher
Stephanie Meyers, Resident
Maria Duarte, Parent
Michelle Maraell, Parent
Michele Lessard, Parent