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PDF icon 2.20 Powers and Duties of the School Board.pdf198.06 KB
PDF icon 2.70 Vacancies on Board of Education - Filling Vacancies.pdf191.39 KB
PDF icon 2.100 Board Member Conflict of Interest.pdf186.95 KB
PDF icon 2.105 Ethics and Gift Ban.pdf215.04 KB
PDF icon 2.110 Qualifications, Term, and Duties of Board Officers.pdf203.32 KB
PDF icon 2.200 Types of School Board Meetings.pdf206.77 KB
PDF icon 2.220 School Board Meeting Procedures.pdf205.09 KB
PDF icon 2.260 Uniform Grievance Procedure.docx.pdf213.12 KB
PDF icon 4.15 Identity Protection.pdf195.15 KB
PDF icon 4.30 Revenue and Investments.pdf308.15 KB
PDF icon 4.60 Purchases and Contracts.pdf198.31 KB
PDF icon 4.80 Accounting and Audits.pdf201.1 KB
PDF icon 5.10 Equal Employment Opportunity and Minority Recruitment.pdf211.92 KB
PDF icon 5.20 Workplace Harassment Prohibited.doc.pdf211.15 KB
PDF icon 5.30 Hiring Process and Criteria.pdf284.43 KB
PDF icon 5.50 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace; E-Cigarette, Tobacco, and Cannibis Prohibition.pdf288.44 KB
PDF icon 5.90 Abused Neglected Child Reporting.pdf281.67 KB
PDF icon 5.100 Staff Development Program.pdf87.73 KB
PDF icon 5.120 Employee Ethics; Conduct; and Conflict of Interest.pdf200.19 KB
PDF icon 5.250 Leaves of Absence.pdf209.32 KB
PDF icon 5.290 Employment Termination and Suspensions.pdf195.42 KB
PDF icon 5.330 Sick Days Vacation Holidays and Leaves.pdf217.72 KB
PDF icon 6.60 Curriculum Content.pdf291.85 KB
PDF icon 6.150 Home and Hospital Instruction.pdf185.56 KB
PDF icon 6.300 Graduation Requirements.pdf251.64 KB
PDF icon 7.20 Harrassment of Students Prohibited.pdf209.44 KB
PDF icon 7.150 Agency and Police Interviews.pdf190.71 KB
PDF icon 7.180 Preventing Bullying, Intimidation, and Harassment.pdf226.04 KB
PDF icon 7.270 Administering Medicines to Students.pdf214.88 KB
PDF icon 8.30 Visitors to and Conduct no School Property.pdf277.23 KB