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PDF icon 2.20 Powers and Duties of the School Board.pdf105.44 KB
PDF icon 2.110 Qualifications, Term, and Duties of Board Officers.pdf111.44 KB
PDF icon 2.120 Board Member Development.pdf97.73 KB
PDF icon 2.220 School Board Meeting Procedures.pdf113.77 KB
PDF icon 3.40 Superintendent.pdf98.91 KB
PDF icon 4.60 Purchases and Contracts.pdf104.44 KB
PDF icon 4.110 Transportation.pdf107.08 KB
PDF icon 4.160 Environmental Quality of Buildings and Grounds.pdf101.01 KB
PDF icon 4.165 Awareness and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and Grooming Behaviors (NEW).pdf75.17 KB
PDF icon 4.170 Safety.pdf103.38 KB
PDF icon 4.175 Convicted Child Sex Offender; Screening; Notifications.pdf100.87 KB
PDF icon 5.10 Equal Employment Opportunity and Minority Recruitment.pdf113.18 KB
PDF icon 5.20 Workplace Harassment Prohibited.doc.pdf119.38 KB
PDF icon 5.30 Hiring Process and Criteria.pdf148.55 KB
PDF icon 5.50 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace; E-Cigarette, Tobacco, and Cannabis Prohibition.pdf152.76 KB
PDF icon 5.90 Abused Neglected Child Reporting.pdf151.71 KB
PDF icon 5.100 Staff Development Program.pdf85.16 KB
PDF icon 5.120 Employee Ethics; Conduct; and Conflict of Interest.pdf119.93 KB
PDF icon 5.125 Personal Technology and Social Media; Usage and Conduct.pdf112.82 KB
PDF icon 5.150 Personnel Records.pdf98.35 KB
PDF icon 5.185 Family and Medical Leave.pdf114.03 KB
PDF icon 5.200 Terms and Conditions of Employment and Dismissal.pdf136.6 KB
PDF icon 5.220 Substitute Teachers.pdf96.39 KB
PDF icon 5.250 Leaves of Absence.pdf115.75 KB
PDF icon 5.330 Sick Days Vacation Holidays and Leaves.pdf123.59 KB
PDF icon 6.15 School Accountability.pdf93.28 KB
PDF icon 6.50 School Wellness.pdf119.11 KB
PDF icon 6.60 Curriculum Content.pdf158.44 KB
PDF icon 6.120 Education of Children with Disabilities.pdf98.25 KB
PDF icon 6.135 Accelerated Placement Program.pdf96.78 KB
PDF icon 6.180 Extended Instructional Programs.pdf94.35 KB
PDF icon 6.190 Extracurricular and Co-Curricular Activities.pdf28.6 KB
PDF icon 6.220 Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) Program; Responsible Use and Conduct.pdf108.07 KB
PDF icon 6.300 Graduation Requirements.pdf247.05 KB
PDF icon 7.20 Harrassment of Students Prohibited.pdf208.85 KB
PDF icon 7.30 Student Assignment and Intra-District Transfer.pdf101.34 KB
PDF icon 7.60 Residence Language Suggestion for Nonresident Student.pdf103.82 KB
PDF icon 7.70 Attendance and Truancy.pdf113.74 KB
PDF icon 7.80 Release Time for Religious Instruction Observance.pdf92.22 KB
PDF icon 7.150 Agency and Police Interviews.pdf95.18 KB
PDF icon 7.160 Student Appearance.pdf89 KB
PDF icon 7.180 Preventing Bullying, Intimidation, and Harassment.pdf137.78 KB
PDF icon 7.190 Student Behavior.pdf178.63 KB
PDF icon 7.200 Suspension Procedures.pdf102.22 KB
PDF icon 7.210 Expulsion Procedures.pdf97.75 KB
PDF icon 7.240 Conduct Code for Participants in Extracurricular Activities.pdf102.53 KB
PDF icon 7.250 Student Support Services.pdf118.64 KB
PDF icon 7.260 Exemption from Physical Education.pdf100.25 KB
PDF icon 7.290 Suicide and Depression Awareness and Prevention.pdf154.1 KB
PDF icon 7.310 Restrictions on Publications; Elementary Schools.pdf104.57 KB
PDF icon 7.315 Restrictions on Publications; High Schools.pdf114.53 KB
PDF icon 7.340 Student Records.pdf101.41 KB