Regular Meeting of the Board of Education

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Monday, May 14, 2012 - 8:30pm


North Boone Community Unit School District #200
Regular Meeting of the Board of Education
District Office
6248 North Boone School Road, Poplar Grove, IL 61065
Monday, May 14, 2012
6:30 PM
The Mission of the North Boone educational community is to provide exceptional experiences
that vigorously develop the minds and character of the 21st Century Learner.
I.              Call to Order by the President
II.             Roll Call by the Secretary
III.            Audience to Visitors
IV.           Approval of Agenda
V.            Superintendent’s Report
A.    North Boone Announces Grading Changes
VI.           Committee Reports:
Policy Committee – Next Meeting: TBD
Business Services Committee – Next Meeting: TBD
Facility/Long Range Planning Committee – Next Meeting: TBD
C.I.A. Committee – Next Meeting: TBD
Other Committee Reports
VII.          Treasurer’s Report
VIII.         Consent Agenda
The Board on an individual basis prior to the meeting has reviewed all these items. All financial reports are available for review by the public in the business office. Items on the Consent Agenda are considered routine and will be enacted by the Board as one motion.
A.    Minutes of the Regular Meeting April 23, 2012
B.    Minutes of the Special Meeting May 1, 2012
C.    Personnel
D.    First Reading and Approval of Policy 6:50, School Wellness
E.    Overnight Field Trip Request – Cross Country
F.    Overnight Field Trip Request – Ag/FFA
G.    Approval of IASB Annual Dues
H.    Set Hearing Date for Amended FY2012 Budget
I.      Approval of TechCare Network Support Contract
J.     Acceptance of Donation
K.   Overnight Field Trip Request - North Boone Middle School 
IX.           Unfinished Business
A.    Approval of ECRA-HYA Letter of Agreement
B.    Manchester Kitchen Renovation Bids
X.            New Business
A.    May 2012 Bills
B.    Approval of enVisionMATH Common Core for K-5
XI.           Executive Session
A.    Personnel
B.    Collective Bargaining
C.    Student Discipline
D.    Pending Litigation
XII.          Recommendations from Executive Session
A.    Action on Student Discipline Issue 2012-05
B.    Action on Student Discipline Issue 2012-06
XIII.         Announcements & Other Information
A.    Enrollment
B.    FOIA Log
C.    Student Activity Fund Reports
XIV.        Adjournment


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