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PDF icon 05. Treasurer's Report - March 2018.pdf1.09 MB
PDF icon 05. Treasurer's Report - Nov-Dec-Jan-Feb-Mar - Signed.pdf420.06 KB
PDF icon 07. 2018-03-14 Business.pdf10.84 KB
PDF icon 07. 2018-03-14 C.I.A..pdf84.93 KB
PDF icon 07. 2018-04-10 Policy.pdf12.05 KB
PDF icon 08. A-2018-03-20 Minutes Regular Board Meeting.pdf180.77 KB
PDF icon 08. B-2018-04-10 Minutes Special Board Meeting.pdf77.75 KB
PDF icon 08. C-Consent Personnel Listing.pdf138.91 KB
PDF icon 08. D-.First Reading of Policies.pdf6.52 KB
PDF icon 08. D-2.260 Uniform Grievance Procedure.docx.pdf147.65 KB
PDF icon 08. D-4.015 Identity Protection.pdf130 KB
PDF icon 08. D-4.40 Incurring Debt.doc.pdf126.31 KB
PDF icon 08. D-4.110 Transportation.pdf133.65 KB
PDF icon 08. D-4.170 Safety.pdf135.7 KB
PDF icon 08. D-5.20 Workplace Harassment Prohibited.doc.pdf145.36 KB
PDF icon 08. D-5.90 Abused Neglected Child Reporting.pdf179.22 KB
PDF icon 08. D-5.200 Terms and Conditions of Employment and Dismissal.pdf186.15 KB
PDF icon 08. D-5.220 Substitute Teachers.pdf123.44 KB
PDF icon 08. D-5.240 Suspension.pdf202.35 KB
PDF icon 08. D-5.290 Employment Termination and Suspensions.pdf129.74 KB
PDF icon 08. D-6.60 Curriculum Content.pdf138.34 KB
PDF icon 08. D-6.150 Home and Hospital Instruction.pdf120.18 KB
PDF icon 08. D-6.300 Graduation Requirements.pdf179.58 KB
PDF icon 08. D-6.310 Credit for Alternative Courses and Programs and Course Substitutions.pdf137.59 KB
PDF icon 08. D-6.340 Student Testing and Assessment Program.pdf123.68 KB
PDF icon 08. D-7.15 Student and Family Privacy Rights.pdf137.89 KB
PDF icon 08. D-7.020 Harrassment of Students Prohibited.pdf140.36 KB
PDF icon 08. D-7.70 Attendance and Truancy - NEW.pdf139.25 KB
PDF icon 08. D-7.180 Preventing Bullying, Intimidation, and Harassment.pdf171.44 KB
PDF icon 08. D-7.250 Student Support Services.pdf122.81 KB
PDF icon 08. D-7.270 Administering Medicines to Students.pdf134.4 KB
PDF icon 08. D-7.305 Student Athlete Concussions and Head Injuries.pdf133.38 KB
PDF icon 09. A-Curriculum Audit.docx.pdf428.09 KB
PDF icon 09. A-CEC CIA Presentation.pdf1.02 MB
PDF icon 09. B-Curriculum Coordinator.pdf78.2 KB
PDF icon 09. C-High School Pairing with Sister School.docx.pdf582.36 KB
PDF icon 09. D-Bills Paid - April 2018.pdf26.08 KB
PDF icon 09. D-Bills Payable - April 2018.pdf39.14 KB
PDF icon 09. E-2018 Summer School Library Program.pdf139.06 KB
PDF icon 09. F-Middle School Math Intervention.pdf21.09 KB
PDF icon 09. G-Contract Renewal with Drive Right School of Driving.pdf116.83 KB
PDF icon 10. A-Board Goals.pdf280.42 KB
PDF icon 13. A-2017-2018 Enrollment.pdf21.14 KB
PDF icon 13. B-CES - February 2018.pdf112.18 KB
PDF icon 13. B-CES - March 2018.pdf112.47 KB
PDF icon 13. B-MES - March 2018.pdf96.3 KB
PDF icon 13. B-NBHS - March 2018.pdf36.26 KB
PDF icon 13. B-NBMS - March 2018.pdf17.51 KB
PDF icon 13. B-NBUE - March 2018.pdf46.58 KB
PDF icon 13. B-PGE - February 2018.pdf175.53 KB
PDF icon 13. B-PGE - March 2018.pdf177.02 KB
PDF icon 13. C-2017-2018 FOIA Log.pdf187.18 KB