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PDF icon 05. Treasurer's Report - Februrary 2019.pdf630.89 KB
PDF icon 07. 2019-02-19 Business.pdf124.13 KB
PDF icon 07. 2019-03-06 CIA.pdf130.07 KB
PDF icon 08. A-2019-02-19 Minutes Regular Board Meeting.pdf248.4 KB
PDF icon 08. B-Consent Personnel Listing.pdf101.23 KB
PDF icon 08. C-NIA Contract Services 2019-2020.pdf113.37 KB
PDF icon 08. D-Approval of Membership in IHSA.pdf60.92 KB
PDF icon 09. A-.Second Reading and Approval of Policies.pdf6.33 KB
PDF icon 09. A-2.80 Board Member Oath and Conduct.pdf191.92 KB
PDF icon 09. A-2.120 Board Member Development.pdf193.28 KB
PDF icon 09. A-4.45 Insufficient Fund Checks and Debt Recovery.pdf198.06 KB
PDF icon 09. A-4.170 Safety.pdf202.66 KB
PDF icon 09. A-5.30 Hiring Process and Criteria.pdf287.08 KB
PDF icon 09. A-5.60 Expenses.pdf197.93 KB
PDF icon 09. A-5.220 Substitute Teachers.pdf192.02 KB
PDF icon 09. A-6.60 Curriculum Content.pdf207.31 KB
PDF icon 09. A-6.310 High School Credit for Non-District Experiences; Course Substitutions; Re-entering Students.pdf206.09 KB
PDF icon 09. A-7.70 Attendance and Truancy.pdf206.09 KB
PDF icon 09. A-7.100 Health, Eye, and Dental Examinations; Immunizations; and Exclusion of Students.pdf209.41 KB
PDF icon 09. A-7.190 Student Behavior.pdf322.38 KB
PDF icon 09. A-7.250 Student Support Services.pdf187.13 KB
PDF icon 09. A-7.260 Exemption from Physical Education.pdf194.95 KB
PDF icon 09. A-7.290 Suicide and Depression Awareness and Prevention.pdf282.64 KB
PDF icon 09. A-7.305 Student Athlete Concussions and Head Injuries.pdf200.23 KB
PDF icon 09. B-PGE Sewer Repair Design.pdf4.17 KB
PDF icon 09. C-Roof Replacement at Manchester.pdf208.44 KB
PDF icon 09. D-E-Funds Vendor.docx.pdf470.86 KB
PDF icon 09. E-Flex Insurance Account.docx.pdf875.87 KB
PDF icon 10. A-Bills Paid - March 2019.pdf18.3 KB
PDF icon 10. A-Bills Payable - March 2019.pdf42.7 KB
PDF icon 10. A-Bills Payable - March 2019 - Addendum.pdf12.52 KB
PDF icon 10. B-Summer School - ELL ESY UE MS and General Education.pdf681.9 KB
PDF icon 10. C-Preschool Presentation.pdf440.39 KB
PDF icon 10. D-Resolution Authorizing Notice of Dismissal to Non-Tenured Teachers.pdf199.69 KB
PDF icon 10. E-Resolution Authorizing Non-Renewal and Reclassification.pdf194.54 KB
PDF icon 13. A-2018-2019 Enrollment.pdf21.29 KB
PDF icon 13. B-CES - February 2019.pdf204.19 KB
PDF icon 13. B-MES - February 2019.pdf191.08 KB
PDF icon 13. B-NBHS - February 2019.pdf36.05 KB
PDF icon 13. B-NBMS - February 2019.pdf32.63 KB
PDF icon 13. B-NBMS - January 2019.pdf33.13 KB
PDF icon 13. B-NBUE - February 2019.pdf60.99 KB
PDF icon 13. B-PGE - December 2018.pdf303.78 KB
PDF icon 13. B-PGE - January 2019.pdf303.97 KB
PDF icon 13. C-2018-2019 FOIA Log.pdf424.26 KB