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PDF icon 06. Treasurer's Report - May 2019.pdf238.84 KB
PDF icon 06. Treasurer's Report - Signed - May 2019.pdf1.69 MB
PDF icon 08. Policy 2019-05-21.pdf11.39 KB
PDF icon 09. A-2019-05-21 Minutes Regular Board Meeting.pdf274.39 KB
PDF icon 09. B-Consent Personnel Listing.pdf224.32 KB
PDF icon 09. C-.First Reading of Policies.pdf5.3 KB
PDF icon 09. C-2.20 Powers and Duties of the School Board.pdf197.4 KB
PDF icon 09. C-4.30 Revenue and Investments.pdf216.69 KB
PDF icon 09. C-4.100 Insurance Management.pdf193.21 KB
PDF icon 09. C-4.110 Transportation.pdf201.33 KB
PDF icon 09. C-4.150 Facility Management and Building Programs.pdf201.46 KB
PDF icon 09. C-4.190 Targeted School Violence Prevention Program.pdf214.25 KB
PDF icon 09. C-5.250 Leaves of Absence.pdf209.09 KB
PDF icon 09. C-5.330 Sick Days Vacation Holidays and Leaves.pdf212.77 KB
PDF icon 09. C-6.15 School Accountability.pdf187.7 KB
PDF icon 09. C-8.95 Parental Involvement.pdf185.87 KB
PDF icon 09. D-2019-2020 Extracurricular Positions - June 2019 Board.pdf443.2 KB
PDF icon 09. E-Moving of CES Activity Account.docx.pdf99.32 KB
PDF icon 09. F-Boone County-Prevailing Wage 2019.docx.pdf157.09 KB
PDF icon 09. G-Approval of Treasurer's Bond.pdf137.98 KB
PDF icon 09. H-Renewal of WC Insurance and Property-Liability-Auto-Umbrella Insurance FY20.doc.pdf507.6 KB
PDF icon 09. I-Addition of Paraprofessional Position.pdf4.87 KB
PDF icon 10. A-Amendment to Budget.pdf3 MB
PDF icon 10. B-Certified Nurse.docx.pdf149.24 KB
PDF icon 11. A-Bills Paid - June 2019.pdf14.54 KB
PDF icon 11. A-Bills Payable - June 2019.pdf38.53 KB
PDF icon 11. A-Bills Payable - Addendum - June 2019.pdf5.59 KB
PDF icon 11. B-Approval of Student Handbook 2019-2020.docx.pdf722.04 KB
PDF icon 14. A-2018-2019 Enrollment.pdf21.29 KB
PDF icon 14. B-2018-2019 FOIA Log.pdf431.01 KB
PDF icon 14. C-CES - May 2019.pdf205.03 KB
PDF icon 14. C-MES - May 2019.pdf191.6 KB
PDF icon 14. C-NBHS - April 2019.pdf35.22 KB
PDF icon 14. C-NBHS - May 2019.pdf38.76 KB
PDF icon 14. C-NBMS - May 2019.pdf32.82 KB
PDF icon 14. C-NBUE - May 2019.pdf42.44 KB
PDF icon 14. C-PGE - May 2019.pdf303.73 KB